HiFi Tube Amps

5 watt single ended EL34

Here is a 5 watts per channel single ended EL34 stereo amplifier we built, chassis, all transformers and choke are Hammond Manufacturing. Mundorf Evo Oil silver coupling capacitors , Alps volume pot and all wiring is point to point.  All components used are of top quality including manufacturers like Solen, Vishay, Nichicon. 

6SN7 Simple Pre-Amp

Here is a simple pre amp running 1 6SN7 tube per channel, it is a very simple circuit which a lot of the times sound better as there is less in the signal chain, The circuit is a simple voltage amplifier as the first triode and the second triode is used as a cathode follower. This pre amp uses a regulated power supple thanks to running a voltage regulator tube, Rectifier tube is a soviet 5C4S, it has a indirectly heated cathode but similar ratings to the western 5Y3. Alps volume pot and again all parts are great quality. 3 selectable inputs in the back. The pwoer transformer is a vintage hammond.