Electrohome Crescendo II

This was a large personal project to restore this Electrohome classic, It's a mid 50s radio that has a awesome look to it and powered by a push-pull 6V6 amplifier putting out a claimed 15 watts max and powering 2 10" Jensen speakers and 4 3" Jensen tweeters. Now it's only a mono unit not stereo but that doesn't change the fact that it actually sounds really good. The cabinet needed some work on the bottom side from a bit of water at some point in its life and the entire thing was sanded down and treated with tung oil to bring out the glow of the hardwood plywood. The bottom section that houses the speakers got fresh insulation and some bracing for good measure, The speaker crossover was rebuilt and that finished up the cabinet side of things. We re-made the built in loop antenna because the old fiberboard that held it together disintegrated probably also due to a bit of water. Now unfortunately the record player doesn't work and from a bit of investigation the motor failed so we removed it from the cabinet completely, That left us a input though to play music from our DAC so it's kind of a win.  We removed the amplifier and went through the whole thing replacing most of the roundy resistors that drifted, all of the wax capacitors and all 10 of the electrolytics.  A bit of cleaning up and the amplifiers copper coated chassis looks great. It still needs some finishing touches but i'm glad we could rescue such a great looking piece and it was built just a few hour drive down the 401 in Kitchener ON as a bonus.